It is our goal at Moddler provide you with top quality, customized service, catered towards your project needs. We are here to help you through bringing your project into the material world. Below is a list of our service offerings:

3d Printing

Moddler offers several printing options and colors. We can help guide you in choosing the materials best suited for your project. Here is some quick information on each to help you determine the right material and process for your project.

Turn around time:

Our standard turn around is 2-3 business days. For those needing faster turn around we offer Same Day and Next Day expedite options. Check the chart below below to see what turn around we offer for the given material:

Same day


Next day



Standard 2-3 days or more





Polyjet printing technology offers some of the all-around best parts available with high resolution, large build envelope, and fast print times. Polyjet parts sand easily, take paint well, and are great for gluing. The capability of high accuracy allows for test fitting and snapping parts.

These parts are great for final validation before manufacturing, masters for molds, finishing and painting, Checking snap fit and form. Can be used for many applications such as architectural models, product prototypes and enclosures, figurines, and proof of concept models. Printing resolution can be as good as 15 micron layers (thinner than a strand of hair) and offer tolerances of .02mm. Build bed sizes can go as large as 20” x 15” x 8”. Larger parts can seamlessly be aligned and assembled with keying systems.

Material Options: 

VeroWhite, VeroBlack, VeroClear, Rubber-Like**, VeroGrey*, VeroBlue*

*Materials require a material swap fee of $200

**Rubber-Like has Shore-A hardness scaled options of 27, 40, 50, 60, 70, 85, and 95.

Benefits of Polyjet parts:

  • Large build size
  • High resolution
  • Fast printing
  • Snap fitting
  • Good for sanding, painting, and gluing
  • Reliability


FDM or Fused Deposit Modeling printing is great for cheap, early prototypes and more durable parts. FDM technology offers mid to low resolution parts. ABS and PLA materials are the most commonly used filament for FDM printers. ABS material can be sanded with some effort and can be used to print large parts. PLA parts are often the cheapest offered and can be used for initial form and size testing.

Material Options:

ABS: White, Black, Neutral (Ivory)
PLA: White, Black, Neutral (Ivory)

*Other colors available with extended turn around time and at additional cost

Benefits of FDM parts:

  • Cost effective
  • Durable


SLA printers offer the highest surface finish parts available. They are great for printing miniatures and jewelry pieces. Parts generally cannot exceed 4-6 Inches. These parts can also be used as masters for mold making due to high surface finish and low visibility build lines.

Benefits of SLA parts:

  • Highest resolution

3d Printing File Preparation and Consulting

It can be a challenge getting your 3d file optimized for printing. Let us know if you need help with an existing file or newly designed file engineered for printing purposes. Drop us a line and one of our battle hardened rapid prototyping engineers can help you get your file squared away and ready for a perfect print.

Finishing and Painting

We offer Finishing and Painting services for those needing high finish, colored models.

Finishing and Painting is great for:

  • Final proof of concept models
  • Presentations
  • Investor meetings
  • Masters for mold making

We can offer nearly any paint color and finish of your choosing. Email us at [email protected] for more information.

If surface finish is not your priority but color is, we also offer part dying!

3d Scanning

Do you have an existing object you need replicated? With scanning resolution down to 0.1mm, we can scan most objects and a variety of surfaces. Send us some images of your part to [email protected] or upload it via our quote form and we will send you a quote for scanning!